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The Pines at Oakhurst
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Care Plans

What makes The Pines at Oakhurst unique in comparison to other assisted living facilities is our detailed understanding to create an environment with the emphasis to provide each resident the ideal level of care in order to maximize their independence and live life to the fullest. The Pines' Care Team provides a tailored "Individual Personalized Care" (IPC) plan for each resident.

The objective of the IPC is to find ways to improve and preserve our resident's health, independence, safety and quality of life. The IPC focuses on the needs, preferences, desires, and resources of the resident. We start by carefully listening to the personal needs and desires of each resident, we then add input from family members and medical practitioners to create a plan of care necessary to insure the best quality of life.

Understanding the IPC
The Pines' Care Team assesses each resident's IPC daily. It guides them in providing meaningful and consistent quality care and service. As The Pines' Care Team learns through caregiving and feedback from the resident this information is recorded in the IPC. For example, the IPC guides the Care Team on when a resident prefers breakfast, and how the Care Team can encourage independence when assisting with grooming, dressing and bathing. It might also guide them to keep an eye on mobility, wellness or medication management. Should a resident's needs change, the team can adapt quickly. Residents and their families can be confident that such detailed understanding leads to the personalized care and services.

Whatever the individual's needs may be, our well-trained team is dedicated to fulfilling them with respect and compassion. All The Pines' Care Team members have been selected based on their compassionate approach to care giving, and trained ability to serve seniors.


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